6 Underrated Free Twitter Tools and How to Use Them

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  • October 6, 2015

So the last time I told you about Twitter Tools, I didn’t go completely out of the box and I figure you most likely have heard of many of the tools on that list. free Twitter Tools

But there’s always a reason for that – they were the best tools around!

Today, I want to share with you some free Twitter tools that are completely underrated.

These free Twitter tools are not so mainstream but there’s still a need for them in your Twitter tools arsenal whether for business or a bit of fun!

1. Riffle

Riffle by CrowdRiff is a Google Chrome extension that gives you details on people in your Twitter community.

This Twitter tool will tell you who’s an influencer by seeing who’s active, how they engage with their own community, their top mentions, and even provides links to their other social networks.

Once you get the extension, Riffle will also work with your other dashboard tools like TweetDeck and HootSuite. You can see all the Riffle integrations on their website.

2. Tweriod 

Wanting to know when your Twitter followers are actually online?

Use Tweriod to get your optimal times to tweet.

They look at your tweets and your followers tweets and then kick back the times you should be sending out content so you have maximum exposure!

3. My Top Tweet

I find this one fun!

Go over to My Top Tweet and sign-in with your Twitter profile.

Once you do, you can put in ANY Twitter handle and see what their top 10 tweets are out of the last 3200 that they’ve sent.

I put mine in and found my top tweet came from a quick graphic I did while attending #SocialBoom15 in September.

It had gotten 18 retweets and 18 favorites.

Kudos to Rob Russo from Bold Brand Fast who put together the template which I then dropped into WordSwag to make a quick quote from YouTube genius Steve Dotto!

Twitter Tools Online

4. Topsy

If you are a lover of analytics, you’re going to adore Topsy.

This tool lets you perform a keyword, user name, or domain name search of every tweet ever sent since Twitter started in 2006 and then analyzes and gives insights on the conversations around that search term.

You can even compare multiple keywords to see what’s more popular.

For example, I popped in 3 terms – Twitter List, Twitter Tool, and Twitter Search into their social analytics tools and found that more people talked about Twitter Lists in September than Twitter tool or Twitter search.


5. Trendsmap

Want to know what’s trending anywhere in the world?

Use Trendsmap!

They show you the latest trends from Twitter right now.

I zoomed in on the St. Louis area, where I live, and found that people are talking about the Pope, Obama, and the NFL right now.

I was able to grab this info for free but they do have a paid version that lets you use top users for those trends, a 7 day history, filter for keywords, and more features starting at $9 a month.

6. TW Birthday

Okay, so this tool isn’t at all that useful really, but if you’re curious to know the exact date that you or anyone else joined Twitter you can go to TW Birthday. I joined back on the 5th of April in 2009!

Do you have a favorite Twitter tool that you think most people are ignoring?

Please share it in the comments so I can check it out.

I love discovering unique free Twitter tools that let me do things I didn’t even know I needed. Have you tried any of the above? What did you think?

I’d love to hear if you found a unique use for any of the tools mentioned.

Author Stephanie Nissen

Steph Nissen is a social media strategist, manager, and speaker who works primarily with small businesses. She is the CEO of Nissen Media, a social media and marketing consultant agency in Missouri where she works to educate, train, and empower small businesses on social media. You can connect with Steph on Twitter at:

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