5 Tools You Need To Master Twitter Engagement [Infographic]

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  • July 30, 2015

So you want to know how you can be a Master of Twitter Engagement?

Well look no further, because these 5 tools will give you everything you need in order to enhance your Twitter Game.

Use Visual Content to catch their eye with Venngage

Images and Infographics are a great way to hold your audience’s attention. In fact, a tweet with an image is 200% more likely to get attention than a tweet without.

If you want to share interesting stats and facts with your followers, infographics are the perfect way to visualize those numbers. Venngage has a range of free and paid social media specific infographic templates that are easy for you to use.

Here are 3 examples of tweets in a visual form you can use by making a quick infographic:

twitter engagement tips

twitter engagement tools

twitter engagement definition

2) Schedule your tweets with Buffer

There are a number of social media schedulers out there that make it easy for you to plan the perfect times for your tweets to go out.

Buffer allows you to add up to 10 different social network profiles and schedule up to 100 posts a day!

You can keep your audience engaged by scheduling all your posts for the week in order to better manage your time.

Here are some of the optimal posting times per social network, according to Buffer.

Getting Twitter Engagement

3) Use a tool like Social Quant to grow your audience

Once you have perfected the integration of visual content, and effectively managed your tweet schedule, you can work on expanding your twitter audience.

Social Quant is a great service that finds real people to follow you.

Many services, like some of the ones you find on Fiverr, only expand your following by attracting bots or fake profiles. Although this makes it look like you have a lot of followers, the likeliness that you will get any engagement with your posts is extremely low.

Social Quant will get you more Twitter followers that actually care about your business and your content, and who be will an advocate for your cause, thus helping you grow even more.

4) Buzzsumo helps you understand what kind of content gets shared the most

Knowing what kind of content to create and share is important.

Buzzsumo lets you know which titles attract the most clicks and engagement. That way, you can gain more insight and inspiration when it comes to creating content. You can also track down the key influencers associated with the best performing content.

This allows you to further promote your brand specifically to those who care about what you’re offering.

How to increase Twitter Engagement

5) Strategize your hashtags with RiteTag

One of the most important elements of Twitter is strategic hashtag usage.

RiteTag lets you analyze which hashtags get seen by their audiences and the level of engagement they result in. They also list which influencers make use of those hashtags, giving you a better chance at further developing your following.

How to Get more Twitter Engagement

Now that you have these 5 tools in your back pocket to increase your Twitter engagement, you can start working towards Twitter stardom. Most, if not all of these tools have free versions too, so you can try them out at no cost!

Get More Twitter Engagement

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