5 Tips for Creating Successful Twitter Ads

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  • November 18, 2015

People go to different social networks for different reasons.Successful Twitter Ads

For Facebook, it tends to be for staying in touch with friends and family. For Instagram, it’s more of the same but, of course, in a more visual sense. Instagram users also want to be inspired by beautiful images. For Pinterest, users go there for DIY ideas, recipes and shopping. And Twitter…

Twitter users want content!

Whether they are familiar with the people they’re following or not, people are using Twitter with the intention of clicking on links and reading value-based content that interests them.

For this reason, it’s one of the best platforms for delivering content, especially if you’re trying to reach new, “cold” traffic.

Unlike other platforms where advertising by people you’ve never heard of can become invasive, as long as the content is relative to the audience and their interests, it’s typically well received on Twitter.

This is what makes running Twitter ads a great opportunity to turn “cold” traffic into hot leads.

However, there are some tricks to achieving success with Twitter ads! Here are 5 ideas to help you get started and succeed.

1. Target followers of other accounts.

This is the most effective form of targeting and is where you should start. If you’re running ads, you should be familiar at this point with your client’s avatar and know what their interests are and who they follow online.

What books and magazines do they read? What industry leaders do they follow? What events are they interested in? What are their hobbies?

If you’ve successfully targeted your audience on Facebook or LinkedIn, carry your targeting over from those platforms, since people are likely hanging out in the same places on Twitter that they are on Facebook and LinkedIn. For example, if you successfully targeted Facebook users who are following Amy Porterfield and Mari Smith, target Twitter users who are following those same accounts.

Do NOT, however, try to target interests on Twitter alone, since you’ll find the categories are too broad. Targeting one interest category could create an audience size of 6 million. You should be aiming for an audience of anywhere between 500K and 2 million people.

2. Target based on keywords.

If you know that your audience is using certain keywords in their tweets or bio, try to run a campaign where you target based on keywords. This can be a great option for Social Quant users since you have already been testing keywords and have seen how well different keywords convert for your specific account.

Take that same data and try running a campaign on those keywords.

3. Always use a highly engaging image.

Sure you COULD run a campaign with just a text update, but I highly recommend that you try to add an image in there… just because images get so much more engagement on Twitter. They stand out far above the rest in the newsfeed and if you’re paying for an ad you want it to get as much attention as it can.

Also remember that your ad doesn’t have to follow the 20% max text rule that we all loathe on Facebook, so feel free to take advantage of the space and use large font that will be highly scan-able and stand out in the newsfeed. Which brings me to my next tip…

4. Be very concise.

Twitter users move quickly. They scan the fast-moving feed until something catches their eye, so you want to be very concise and use messaging that will resonate with the audience you’re targeting.

Also, are you a business or a person? This will change the tone of the tweet.

Tweets from an individual can be a little more personal. Be very straight to the point and tell people exactly what they should expect to see when they click on the tweet.

5. Split test!

Test 3 or 4 headlines to see if your copy can speak to different kinds of people. Test shorter character lengths or asking a question. Tailor your messaging accordingly.

Also, are you sending them to a piece of content or to a landing page to convert them to a list or encourage them to purchase? These are all important considerations that should determine the language you use.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about Twitter ads is that they can get you a ton of engagement and a lot of new, targeted followers.

If you are doing any online advertising, consider giving Twitter ads a try and see how the results compare. You might just be pleasantly surprised!


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