How to Build a Thriving Kick Butt Twitter Audience

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  • September 29, 2015

What is your Twitter audience truly like?

When you send a Tweet does your Twitter audience respond by retweeting, favoriting or replying?

Let’s face it, if you’re on Twitter for business than you better have followers who engage with what you share or you’re wasting your time as an entrepreneur.

Typically when you hear the sound of crickets on Twitter, meaning your getting no response, it’s because you’re treating Twitter like a microphone versus a telephone.

What does that mean?

Social Media is about engagement and having conversations, not just promoting your own business.

Yes you need to promote and those that never do are missing out also, but you need to build relationships, engage and give people the chance to get to know exactly who you and your business are.

If someone comes to your Twitter page and all they see are promotions, chances are they’re not going to follow you or if they do, they’re definitely not going to engage with you.

So how do you build a Twitter audience that will that engage with you?

That was the exact discussion recently on a Post Planner #viralchat (held every Thursday at 9pm EST).

First, if you don’t know what a Twitter chat is, check out this post on everything you need to know about joining a Tweet chat because they’re awesome.

Below you’ll see an amazing infographic put together by Post Planner where they share 36 experts’ tips on how to grow your audience and get more Twitter followers.

I’d like to point out a few of the strategies that should be highlighted if you really want to see Twitter audience growth.

Adel de Meyer of Adel De Meyer

Adel shared several great tips.

The one that needs to be highlighted though is you’ve got to be active on Twitter by tweeting around 15 times a day.

There are over 100,000,000 active daily users on Twitter with the average person following over 200 people.

That means someone’s newsfeed is moving really fast and if you’re only Tweeting a few times a day you’re limiting your full potential.

If you want your Twitter audience to thrive, you’ve got to make sure you stay in front of them and if you’re only tweeting occasionally you’re missing a big opportunity.

Kim Doyal of The WordPress Chick

Kim’s tip goes nicely with Adel’s and that is to make sure you’re sharing AWESOME content.

As Adel points out you won’t be seen by your audience if you don’t Tweet frequently. Likewise, if you’re Tweeting garbage and it’s not good content, being seen by your audience is actually going to hurt you.

If you’re unsure what to Tweet, consider using Post Planner to find amazing content, but remember that what you share has to be quality.

Aaron Lee of Post Planner and of Ask Aaron Lee

Tweeting frequently and creating great content is awesome, but remember this is a social site and you’ve got to be social.

Aaron points out that to get more Twitter followers you’ve got to engage.

Tweeting alone without engaging is like driving down the German autobahn in a Porsche 911 but keeping it in 2nd gear the entire ride. You’re just not going to get the entire amazing experience.

When people retweet you, thank them and start a conversation. Send people a personalized video or just start a conversation. Remember this is social and you’ve got to engage to really benefit from the entire experience.

Jeff Sheehan of Sheehan Marketing Strategies

The final point I wanted to highlight was the suggestion by Jeff Sheehan to follow the followers of those who are in your target market.

This is a highly effective way of building a quality Twitter following and as Jeff mentions in his tip, they are much more likely to follow you back.

Another way of doing this is using Twitter advanced search and searching those who are mentioning an influencer whose audience you’d like to follow you and start following them. This works well because if they’re mentioning the influencer on Twitter they are obviously active on Twitter.

Sometimes if you’re just following the followers of someone else’s account randomly, they may not be active on Twitter and thus this decreases the effectiveness of this excellent tip.


To build a kick-butt Twitter audience make sure you:

  1. Tweet often

  2. Tweet good content

  3. Engage with your Twitter followers

  4. Have a sound following strategy to build quality followers

Check out this list of 36 awesome experts who share some great tips on how to build an engaged Twitter audience and leave a comment below on what strategies work for you.

See you on the next Post Planner Viral Chat.

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