16 Ninja Marketing Strategies on Twitter for Business Owners who are Local Entrepreneurs (Part 2)

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  • September 24, 2015

This is part 2 of how to use Twitter for business if you’re a local entrepreneur. twitter-for-business-advanced-ninja-strategies

If you didn’t read part 1 or just breezed over it, stop and click here to read it now.

We’re about to review 9 ninja Twitter marketing strategies that seriously won’t work without you first perfecting the 7 ideas shared in part one of how to use Twitter for business.

To review we went over:

  1. Why you need to create a good Twitter Bio

  2. Why you need a great Twitter Cover

  3. What you should use as a Twitter Profile picture

  4. Why you should have your Location setting correct

  5. Why you should Pin a Tweet

  6. Why images are so important and what kind to include in a tweet

  7. Why you need to use video in Tweets

Each of these are important to understand and will help you take advantage of the next 9 Twitter marketing strategies we’re about to go over.

These tips will work for both local business owners and global entrepreneurs.

To recap, many of these strategies helped me grow a $7-Figure local cleaning company and they were a big part of me being able to sell over $10,000,000 online with my office supply store using Twitter.

Each of these strategies aren’t hard to implement and any business owner can start doing this today.

Ready to learn how to get Twitter working to drive you local business?

Let’s get started.

How To Use Twitter For Business (Part 2)

8. Master Twitter Lists

Do you know how to create a Twitter list? If not click here to learn how.

Twitter lists rock and if you’re not using them, you’re missing out.

So you may be saying, Mike how is creating a Twitter list a Ninja marketing tip?

Here’s how. Create the following types of lists:

  • Prospect or lead lists

  • Customer lists (keep this list private so your competition does’t see it

  • Local influencers and community lists

Now every morning or evening pull up your prospect list on Twitter and randomly retweet those Tweets that make sense. This keeps you in front of your prospect.

I did this regularly with my cleaning business for people I gave estimates to that didn’t convert initially. Many converted later though from the engagement on Twitter and staying top of mind.

By keeping a customer list that you engage with and retweet, you’re building a relationship with them. Remember people do business with people they know, like and trust. It’s real hard for a customer to leave your business when they have that close relationship with you.

As for local influencers like either the Mayor or local schools, retweeting their tweets not only resonates with your local Twitter followers because they know them, but keeps you in front of the influencers by them seeing you’re actively retweeting them.

The more you engage with the local influencers, the more likely they’ll be to Retweet you or help/recommend your business.

9. Learn to utilize IFTTT

IFTTT is an awesome tool that stands for If This Then That and it’s completely free.

You’re able to set rules that “if” “this” happens “then” do “that”

Example: If someone mentions your local Town anywhere on Twitter (even if you’re not following them) then add them to a Twitter list that you can call Awesome “Name of Town” Peeps.

As shared in #8 above Twitter lists are powerful.

When you add someone to a list they’re notified by Twitter that they’ve been added to a list and see the name of the list in their notifications.

This gets you in front of someone locally (most likely) that is on Twitter. Now they see they’re added to a list that is called “Awesome Peeps”

This makes most people feel pretty darn good and now they’ll possibly follow or engage with you.

Each Twitter list can have 5000 people in it, so have fun and create as many lists as possible (you’re allowed up to 1000). If you have a local sports team, create a list titled “name of team” fans. Next set a rule in IFTTT that anytime someone Tweets about the team, they get added to your list.

Creating IFTTT recipes are easy, fun and a highly effective way to automate getting in-front of targeted people. Just remember you can’t automate engagement, so don’t forget to engage, engage, engage.

10. Twitter Advanced Search

I love Twitter advanced search because it is a golden opportunity that is completely underutilized by most on Twitter.

With Twitter advanced search (click here to get to it) you’re able to listen to conversations that are going on live on Twitter.

So here’s a couple of examples of things I could search if I were a local business owner:

For restaurants I might type in the field “This Exact Phrase”: I’m so Hungry

/Users/MKawula/Desktop/how to use twitter for marketing.png

I’m sure Gabby would love to know that you deliver or at-least appreciate some friendly engagement.  Remember also how I said read part 1 of how to use Twitter for business (stop and click here if you didn’t)? I did because sending a photo of a special you have or a nice video message might build a relationship with Gabby as we discussed in part 1.

Here’s another great search to run locally: Bad Service

how to use twitter effectively

What amazes me is the restaurant mentioned didn’t even reply to help Dr. Rob out. This is a great time for a local restaurant to step in and possibly win-over a new customer by inviting him in for a free shake or something.

When I used advanced search I had a set of phrases saved and our team would respond when someone began a conversation around one of the saved phrases. This worked both locally when we heard people complaining they had to clean their house for my cleaning company and for my office supply store we listened nationally and got new customers all day long.

Your action step for this is to come up with 10 phrases your type of customer would be Tweeting and start searching daily.

11. Listen & Follow Your Competition

This is another one of my favorite Twitter marketing strategies.

For local businesses and global this is a huge opportunity.

Locally not all businesses are listening to when their brand is mentioned online (as seen by SteakNShake above). This is a great opportunity for the savvy business owner who is listening and willing to help out a customer.

In my previous business I listened all day to people talking about being in Staples, OfficeDepot and other competitors. We’d start conversations by offering a coupon to try us out or we’d provide customer service by answering product questions that our competitors weren’t doing.

Similar to advanced search above in #10, listening to your competitions conversations or lack of engagement can really set you apart.

Consider using IFTTT mentioned in ninja tip #9 and adding people to a list that you name creatively when anytime someone mentions your competition. This is a great way to get in-front of your competitions customers or those mentioning them on Twitter.

Tools to help you do this are Google Alerts or I love the tool Mention.

12. Collaborate 

Collaboration is a phenomenal way to help grow a business both online and off.

With the above mentioned tips about listening in on your competition or conversations taking place on Twitter, consider collaborating with other businesses locally who target the same type of customer, but who aren’t your competition.

An example is when I had a cleaning service locally I collaborated with chiropractors, OB-GYNs, realtors and many other businesses that weren’t competing.

You can place them in a list and share their content when appropriate or you can also recommend them when you hear conversations taking place online that they should be part of.

I’d tag them in a tweet to make an introduction and this would enhance our relationship tremendously, eventually helping in them referring me business.

Using Twitter for business13. Tweet Frequently

There are over 300,000 tweets per minute sent and over 500,000,000 tweets per day. That’s a lot of tweets.

The average Twitter user is also following greater than 200 individuals on Twitter which means that when they look at their newsfeed it’s moving very fast.

This means when you Tweet that your message can get lost pretty quickly.

That is why it is crucial that you tweet often and that you tweet content that people want to see.

Remember people don’t want to look at a newsfeed that is filled with users just pitching their products or services. You need to share great content and you can do this easily with great tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Post Planner or Socialoomph.

I use all 4 personally.

Post Planner is great because it shows you what gets high engagement based on data from other peoples social shares, eliminating the guess work of what to share that will get high engagement.

Buffer is also really a good tool because it will give you suggested tweets to share with your audience.

If you’re looking to have a greater marketing impact from Twitter you’ll need to use one of these tools to make sure you’re Tweeting throughout the day and not just 1 or 2 times a day.

I tweet multiple times an hour but recommend you Tweet at-least 10-12 times per day. These tools above will help make that easy for you.

14. Get More Retweets

You should be consistently looking at how many people are retweeting you. You want this because it helps expand your reach and will help your visibility locally.

If you don’t see that individuals are Retweeting you, chances are you need to change up your content.

The tool Post Planner will really help you find tweets that resonate well online, but you have to make sure you’re sharing great content.

Don’t just send out consistent Tweets about promotions. Sure people may still follow you, but many will never retweet you and expose their followers to your brand.

Lastly to get more retweets don’t forget to use Hashtags so others searching on Twitter can find you easier. Find the hashtags in your industry and use them throughout your tweets. (not sure how to use hashtags read this article by clicking here)

15. Review your Twitter Analytics

Do you know how to use Twitter Analytics? (click here if you don’t)

If you don’t Measure it, you can’t Manage it!

Your analytics don’t lie and tell you a lot about your success on Twitter.

It will show you how many times you tweeted in a certain month, the number of impressions (times your tweets were seen), number of mentions, number of new followers, what tweet got the most clicks and so much more great information.

If you tab over across the top of your analytics it will also tell you a lot about the demographics of your followers.

how to use Twitter for business if you're a local entrepreneur

Knowing this information is tremendous.

You can see from above that my followers have a high interest in technology, entrepreneurship and so on. Now when I craft my tweets I know that including content surrounding those topics should get more traction than content about other interests.

I also learned from the home tab and looking at my tweet highlights, what is really working the best with my followers.

This information is gold and can again help you have a greater marketing impact on Twitter by taking this data and utilizing it in making decisions on what to Tweet.

16. Get more Twitter Followers

Some may be looking at getting more Twitter followers as a vanity metric and some will say it doesn’t correlate to the numbers that really matter. Data though proves that the more quality Twitter followers you have the better Twitter can do for your marketing.

The key is to make sure that you’re getting good quality followers that will be interested in what it is you Tweet about.

Having a large following whether local or global to a potential new follower looks like social proof that you’re an account they’d like to follow.

Again the key is to focus on making sure you’re building a following that is interested in what it is you Tweet about.

The more who are interested in your content (potential customers or not) the more you’ll get retweeted (reaching other people’s audiences) and the more visitors you’ll get to your website.

For Social Quant this is highly effective because Twitter alone sends us over 25,000 visitors each month.

But you may say how can this work for a small local business owner?

My local Twitter account back in 2008 was again a big driver for our business following the steps mentioned above.

We had a follow and unfollow strategy that worked well for us. You can do this yourself also through using advanced search and finding quality followers to engage with or look at a service like we provide to do this function for you.

Either way you’ll want to have a following strategy to build up your followers to experience a greater marketing impact on Twitter.



So do you see how Twitter for business is highly effective whether you’re a local or global business?

Follow these 9 ninja marketing strategies shared today and make sure to definitely look back at the first 7 Twitter for business tips to assure maximum success.

Following these tips will make your marketing impact on Twitter highly successful and will set you up to win locally or globally.

What 1 strategy can you see yourself implementing immediately?

Comment below to share your thoughts.

Twitter for business

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