4 Ways To Drive Traffic From Twitter For Websites

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  • September 2, 2015

Facebook, one of the most popular social networks out there, is definitely one of the most challenging for marketers thanks to its algorithm, Edgerank. Twitter For Websites

Twitter, on the other hand, has zero filters.

In fact, it has so much unfiltered content that some have likened it to a water hose, constantly blasting content, both good and bad.

Because it lacks any kind of filter, it presents one of the best opportunities for driving traffic from Twitter for websites.

As long as Twitter users are following you, you can get your content into their newsfeeds.

However, there’s a little more to driving traffic than just tweeting out links to your website.

Here are four tactics you can use to drive traffic from Twitter for your website.

Get more visual with Twitter

Did you know that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than decoding text?

With that said, it’s not surprising then that tweets with images receive 18% more click-throughs, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets.

In the past, marketers were always told to keep all the important information “above the fold” so that it wasn’t necessary to scroll down in an email.

Today, social media has trained us to become a “scrolling society.” We don’t stop until something catches our eye…like something visual, perhaps.

Try using more images and videos in your tweets in order to get more engagement and more clicks back to your website.

Use Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet allows you to create tweets for people reading your blog posts.

You are, essentially, pulling out the golden nuggets of information from your blogs and turning them into tweets.

These tweets stand out from the rest of the content in your blog posts, highlighting the most important points you’re making and increasing the likelihood that the reader will click the button and tweet the pre-written text.

You save the reader time by composing the tweet for them, and by writing it you get to control the copy. Win-win!

Also, by encouraging these unknown readers to tweet your content with a blog link you’re increasing the likelihood that their followers (who may or may not be following you) will visit your website to read more.

Create visual testimonials in your Tweets

Testimonials have a HUGE impact on sales.

Amazon understood this fully, which is why reviews play such a huge role on their website. Think about it: when is the last time you purchased a new product without reading the reviews? Even shoppers in the store utilize their smart phones to see if products perform as advertised.

For service-based businesses, testimonials that describe the impact your service has had on the lives and businesses of the people you have helped have a huge impact on future sales. The more specific, the better!

Combine the power of visual marketing with testimonials and make your testimonials stand out far more on Twitter.

Use Canva or PicMonkey to create beautiful, eye-catching images that feature your best testimonials and tweet those regularly.

Write great Twitter headlines

You may be thinking, “I know I need good headlines for emails or blogs, but what does that have to do with Twitter?”

Just like those email subject lines or blog post titles that determine whether or not someone opens your email or decides to read your blog post, the content in your tweets has a huge impact on whether or not someone clicks.

If you spend a lot of time writing REALLY GOOD headlines for your blogs, I recommend using that same copy when tweeting the link to your blogs as your Twitter headline to get more clicks.

Just remember, studies have shown that you can increase your conversion rate on a link by 73% if you use a compelling headline. This means that even if you have an amazing blog, NO ONE will read it if your headline (your tweet) is terrible.

What about you?

Do you feel like you’re driving traffic from Twitter to your website?

Are you using any of these strategies or do you have some of your own that you utilize?

I would love to hear your opinion on driving traffic from Twitter for websites.

Please share your thoughts or tips in the comments below!

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