How to Explode Your Twitter Growth Quickly (Insider Scoop Revealed)

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  • October 19, 2015

If you haven’t mastered Twitter as a channel for business growth, perhaps you haven’t had the right strategy. Or maybe you Twitter Growth Quicklyhaven’t had the right tools.

Either way, I’m going to let you in on some Insider tips that will explode your Twitter growth—and create a community of fans who are also your ideal customers!

Insider Scoop #1: Automate the Publishing of Evergreen Content

What’s happening to all of that reusable, customer-targeted content you created to attract your ideal customer? After you tweet it a few times, does it fall off your radar, collecting virtual dust?

Don’t waste it!

Using either Post Planner or SocialOomph you can automatically drip your evergreen, robust content out on a continual basis. Let the tool do the work. Major timesaver!

Obviously there is the initial investment of time to input your content into the tool. But once you’re all set up, the tool is working in the background to keep your brand visible, interesting, and valuable to others on Twitter.

An added bonus is that you free up time, which means more time to devote to Twitter engagement.

Recycling evergreen content helps your small business establish credibility, authority and influence even when you’re not active on Twitter.

Post Planner and SocialOomph make it easier for you to:

  • Tweet multiple times a day.

  • Vary your content types (ie. links, visuals, videos, etc.).

  • Link to content that helps educate or inform your target audience (ie. blog, infographic, slideshow).

  • Tweet consistently.

(Need more content ideas? Check out this article.)

Insider Scoop #2: Systematize Twitter Growth

If you’re manually managing your Twitter growth strategy, I feel your pain!

I spent HOURS each week trying to figure out who to follow, keep track of who unfollowed me (so I could unfollow them)—all while trying to stay out of Twitter jail.

When I reached 1600 followers after a year on Twitter, I thought I had hit the jackpot.

But it wasn’t an effective use of my time. Often I speak with business owners who are still manually going about it this way. You don’t have to anymore!

What if I told you that your manual process for Twitter growth was no longer needed?

Yes, it’s true!

Twitter Growth with Social Quant

One of the biggest game-changers in our business has been the team at Social Quant. This amazing product:

  • leverages keywords to identify and follow targeted, quality accounts;

  • unfollows those followers who aren’t following you back; and

  • manages your following ratio to keep you out of Twitter jail.

Every week I get new leads as a result of Social Quant.

In less than six months, my account has grown from 1,600 to over 9,000 relevant quality followers.

More importantly, the growth of my account correlates to positive business results, ranging from customers to partnerships and other opportunities.

Social Quant may be the best-kept secret for Twitter growth!


Insider Scoop #3: Manage Community Interaction

In the end, interaction on Twitter is what makes your brand real. It facilitates the process of your audience getting to know, like and trust your brand. It helps turns followers into prospects…and prospects into leads.

I always say that it’s the sum of all parts on Twitter: content, growth and interaction will make a difference for your business. Now it’s time to figure out how to manage your audience engagement.

So how do you automate your interaction with others on Twitter without seeming like a robot? In my opinion, you don’t.

However, you can manage your interactions with your community by using tools to:

  • Track engagement (retweets, mentions)

  • Reply to tweets and mentions

  • Monitor conversations, hashtags, and keywords

  • Identify and stay connected with influencers in your niche

  • Identify and stay in touch with your supporters

  • Discover potential lead opportunities

  • Automated direct messages and campaigns

There are many tools that help with these tasks to make engagement easier, faster, and more meaningful to your business goals. However, I recommend’s focus on community management versus other social media functions as one of its best, most distinguishing features. In fact, it’s the reason I continue to use the tool versus an “all-in-one” solution.  In my opinion, this approach makes the tool easy-to-use, a huge timesaver, and highly effective for community management.

There are so many tasks that you can manage within that I could write an entire article on it. Truth be told, I have yet to utilize all of its features. However, offers a free trial, so I encourage you to discover more about it.


Twitter is a great marketing tool to generate leads and sales, especially for the small business owner.

However, to experience the best and fastest positive business results on the platform, I’ve learned it takes abundant content, follower growth, and interaction.

I’ve just shared my personal secret sauce to accomplish these things…now you know how to do it too!

Author Meghan Monaghan

Meghan is a social media manager/marketer and WordPress web designer who specializes in Facebook and Twitter through her company Smart Bird Social Media. Her background includes extensive experience in writing, marketing, and web design for non-profits, small business, and entrepreneurs. As the founder of Woman’s Club Hub, she enjoys helping non-profit woman’s club members meet their club goals through digital marketing. A portion of her business endeavors go to support her true passion: rescuing retired racing greyhounds and retired hunting Spanish galgos so that they can live out their lives as loving pets rather than be destroyed. Connect with Meghan on Twitter: @MeghanMonaghan1

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  • Thank you for this amazing post Meghan! And yes, twitter is the best way to promote business. But before promoting your business, you must learn how to attract audiences. This product will sure help our marketers to increase their twitter growth and to get their business known. Thank you for giving us this incredible idea Meghan!

  • Thank you for this amazing post Meghan! And yes, twitter is the best way to promote business. But before promoting your business, you must learn how to attract audiences. This product will sure help our marketers to increase their twitter growth and to get their business known. Thank you for giving us this incredible idea Meghan!

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