Twitter Marketing Tips: The Complete List

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  • December 29, 2015


This is the most comprehensive list of Twitter Marketing Tips on earth.

Whatever your goals are, you’ll love this list!

Whether you want to get more Twitter followers, get sales leads, or just increase your website’s traffic, this guide has you covered.

A few weeks ago, all the information in this guide was dispersed all over the web, but I’ve put it together in once place so you can bookmark this page and quickly read it every time you need.

Here you go!

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You can sort through the tips based on your individual goals:

Tips On How to Tweet Effectively


Ask questions to increase engagement

Use relevant questions to entice more people to engage with your tweets. For example, you can end your tweets with questions like “What do you think?” or “Any thoughts?”. This way, more people will fell tempted actually to answer your questions.

Also, you can reframe your blog post titles. For example:

  • Instead of “20 ways to get more traffic” you could tweet “Do you want more traffic? These 20 techniques will blow your mind.”



Don’t overuse #hashtags; one to two per tweet


Recent studies found that tweets with hashtags get two times more engagement than tweets without. However, when you include more than two hashtags in a tweet, your engagement can decrease up to 17%, so don’t overuse them.


Inject some humor to your tweets

Humor can make your brand much more memorable. In fact, 80 out of 100 college-age kids remember ads that make them laugh, according to some sources. Don’t be afraid to be funny, your brand won’t lose credibility, but all the opposite.

But before you start making bad jokes, here are some things you need to consider:

  • Avoid controversial topics – what may be funny for some people may be rude for others.
  • Don’t force humor – people can easily detect when humor doesn’t come naturally.
  • Don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself – when you do it, people perceive your brand as human.


Stand out from the crowd with emojis


Science discovered that when someone sees an emoticon on social media, the same parts of the brain are activated as if he or she looks at a real human face. It’s also proven that a human face is an effective attention-grabbing mechanism. It means that if you incorporate emoticons in your tweets, they are more likely to be seen by more people.


Vary link location

Have you ever wondered what’s the best location to include a link in a tweet to get the higher amount of clicks (beginning, middle, or end)?

Dan Zarella made an experiment a few years ago and found that the best location for clicks is 25% of the way through the Tweet. However, I highly encourage you to perform your own testing since your results may vary.



Use the right image dimensions

There’s nothing worse than a blurred image in a cloudy day [:(] so make sure to use the right image dimensions when sharing visual content. Here are the optimal image sizes for Twitter:

  • Tweets: 1,024 x 512 px.
  • Summary cards: 120 x 120 px.
  • Summary cards with large images: 280 x 150 px.


Use this data to reach more people

I highly encourage you to find your optimal time to tweet, but in the meantime you can start by sharing your content based on the following criteria:

  • Monday-Friday between 12:00 and 5:00 pm
  • Wednesday at 5:00 pm
  • On weekends, experiment with 2:00-3:00 am, 6:00-7:00 am, and 9:00-10:00 pm

Several studies have found that, on average, those are the best times to tweet to get the most reach.


Use the right words

Dan Zarella – social media scientist – found that the words you use in your tweets have a different impact in your audience.

For instance, words like great, please, retweet, and “you” can actually increase your engagement. On the other hand, words like work, home, bored, and sleep can decrease it. You can find the complete studies in the sources area below.


Use shortened links

As you probably know, you have a 140-character limit to writing a tweet, so the more space you save, the better. By shortening your links, you are not only able to save a lot of tweeting space, but to track how many people actually click on those links (depending on the tool you use).

shortened link


Use Images and Videos

According to recent studies, Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets. Also, native video on Twitter drives 2.5x more replies, 2.8x more retweets, and 1.9x more likes, so if you’re not implementing visual content in your Twitter Marketing strategy, you’re missing out a huge opportunity to grow your brand.

visual content


Keep your Tweets between 71-100 characters

Marketing is all about simplifying your core message so people can actually understand it, and when it comes to Twitter Marketing, you can apply the same technique. As a matter of fact, Buffer found that short tweets get the most retweets.

Length of a tweet

A rule of thumb is to keep your tweets between 71-100 characters when possible.


Tips On How to Get More Followers


Add a good profile picture 

This sounds pretty simple, but it’s surprising how many people use an image of their dog or a cartoon as their profile picture. Social media is all about human connections, so if you’re building your personal brand make sure to show your real face. On the other hand, if you’re trying to build a brand through Twitter, then show your logo.

profile picture

The first impression is vital, and your profile picture is one of the first things people see when visiting your account. If you want to stand out and get more followers, make sure to add a good profile picture.


Follow back carefully

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to follow back to everyone who follows you. Instead, try only to follow back people who are relevant to your business and who seem active on Twitter. This way, you’ll keep your community clean and engaged.


Create a killer (but descriptive) bio

You have a 160-character limit to write a Twitter bio, but it doesn’t mean you can’t create a killer one. In fact, this is a great opportunity to explain the world who you are in a short, sweet way. And since, on average, Twitter bios are very predictable, a little bit of originality will help you stand out.

Twitter bio

Here are 7 elements you should pay attention to when writing your bio:

  1. Make it accurate – just tell people exactly who you are.
  2. Be cool – don’t be afraid to use some humor.
  3. Make it targeted – write it in a way you can attract people like you.
  4. Brag a little – tell other people about your accomplishments.
  5. Be you – incorporate a bit of your personality. Do you like video games? Tell people about it.
  6. Make it interesting – most Twitter bios are boring. Give people a reason to think you’re not “Another one of those.”
  7. Include relevant hashtags – when you add hashtags to your bio, more people will find your account when searching for those terms.


Promote your Twitter account

You could purchase a bulk order of followers today and get thousands of new followers by tomorrow morning, but that wouldn’t take you anywhere. It’s much more effective to proactively publicize your account and get followers who actually care about you.

If you write a guest post, link to your Twitter profile; if you’re active on other social networks, promote it there, too. The point here is to not stopping.


Follow fifty people with similar interests per day

Recent studies have found that around 25-30% of the people you follow will follow you back. It means that for every 50 people you follow, around 13-15 people will follow you back. It’s a great and quick way to start building your following. As long as you follow highly-targeted people, you’ll be fine.


Share highly-relevant content

Whether you admit it or not, content is one of the most important things when it comes to social media. If you consistently share irrelevant content, your audience will stop paying attention to you. On the other hand, if you constantly share highly-relevant content, your audience will engage more with your tweets.


Make sure your Handle and Username match your brand

Consistency across all of your marketing channels can increase your likelihood to be found by your desired audience. When you match your Twitter handle and username, people are able to find you more easily.

username and handle


Engage your audience

You won’t build a loyal following if you just set your Twitter feed on autopilot and go to play video games all day. Although automation can be really helpful for your business, you’ll need to put your hands in the fire, eventually.

Your Twitter account will be much more effective if you become a trusted advisor. Sharing relevant content, answering questions, and being an active member of your community can help you get more attention from your followers.


Tips on How to Get More Leads


Keep an eye on your Direct Messages

In words of Kristi Hines (one of the best freelance writers in the world):

“While it’s not a groundbreaking tip, my biggest one is to keep an eye on your direct messages. Some people ignore them because they assume they are just spam.

I know that many of the ones I receive are, but in the midst of those, I also receive legitimate inquiries from potential customers. Those always make checking my inbox worth it! Also, note that you can allow anyone to send you a direct message in your privacy settings, regardless of whether you follow them.”

Be on top of your customer service

20 years ago, people used to call companies to complain, ask for support, or just to provide some feedback. Nowadays things are very different; people generally prefer to send an email or connect with a company through social media.

That’s why it’s very important that you be on top of your customer service on Twitter. This way, you can quickly identify any problem and provide support in a very effective way.

Companies like JetBlue, Nike, Seamless, and Comcast understand this concept. If you ever need their help, just head over to Twitter and send them a tweet. They will respond very quickly.


Create a Twitter contest

Contests have worked very well for all centuries. And they continue working like magic in this day and age. People LOVE free stuff, and if you’re able to structure your message in a creative way, your campaign will receive a ton of attention, and, ultimately, you’ll get more sales.


As a matter of fact, some studies have found that social media contests influence purchasing decisions for 3 in 4 participants. That’s why so many brands are using social media contests to drive awareness, generate sales leads, and increase engagement. Some examples are Coke, Zaggora, Maybelline, and Taco Bell.


Never, ever stop checking your competition

Competitive auditing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. Think about it: when you study what your competitors are doing, you’re able to learn what’s working for them. And you can apply those same strategies in your business.

Although not all the strategies your competitors are using will work for you, it’s a great way to start. Make a list of at least 10 competitors who are very active on Twitter and analyze exactly what they are doing. How many tweets they’re sending every day? What kind of content they’re sharing? How many followers they have? What are they doing to get new followers?

By answering all those questions, you’ll be able to develop a strategy to outsmart your competitors and grow much faster.


Try different calls to action

As you probably know, calls to action are very effective mechanisms to get people completing your desired action. And when it comes to Twitter, a call to action can increase the number of people who click on your links. When you tell people exactly what to do, your results can dramatically increase.

Twitter itself has found interesting data about what kind of CTAs attract the most clicks and retweets:

  • Asking for a download (for example, “Click here to download our app”) can increase your clicks by up to 13%.

Call to action 1

  • Asking for a retweet (for example, “Retweet this to enter our contest”) can increase your retweets by up to 311%.

Call to action 2

The bottom line?

Make sure to include a call to action in your tweets. You can also test different variations of your CTAs so you can figure out which one works the best.


Create Lead Generation Cards

People are generally lazy; they like simple things. And when you make it easy to sign up to your email list, more people will actually do it. Here’s where lead generation cards come in very handy.

These cards allow you to attach a form into your tweets and integrate it with your email marketing provider, which means people can sign up to your email list without even having to leave Twitter. This is a very effective technique to start generating more leads.

Lead generation card


Use Twitter chats to generate new leads

In words of Forbes, a Twitter chat is “a live event, usually moderated and focused around a general topic.” These chats are very effective to connect with highly-relevant people. And when you use them properly, Twitter Chats can be great channels for lead generation.

For example, saying you run a content marketing agency, you could host a weekly Twitter Chat on “How to create content that stands out” where you answer questions and provide useful information to the participants.

By promoting that kind of events with your followers, you’ll be able to position yourself as an authority in your industry, which will help you generate more leads in the long run.

SEMrush is a great example of this technique in action. They host a chat called #SEOcafe where they answer questions related to SEO and link building.

SEMrush Chat


Connect with the right people

The most important part of Twitter Marketing is not how many followers you have, but how interested they are in what you have to say. A big mistake people make when it comes to Twitter Marketing is to start following random people in hopes they follow them back.

You shouldn’t do that. Instead, focus on getting followers that actually care about you. It’s much better to have 10 engaged followers than 1000 followers who don’t interact with you at all.


Use a classic icebreaker

Let’s face it: Most of your Twitter followers are entirely unknown; they are just a number on your account and you’re a number on theirs. To build stronger connections, try to use a classic icebreaker. If you share a common interest with one of your followers, tell them about it.

If someone shares a relevant tweet, retweet it and let the author know that you loved what she or he shared. By taking this approach, you’ll be memorable enough to start a long-term relationship, and, therefore, to build a stronger following.


Cultivate relationships

This tip may sound obvious, but it’s surprising how many marketers forget to cultivate relationships in social media. Although you have a 140-character limit to writing a tweet, that’s more than enough to start a real conversation.


Be Transparent

Being transparent with your target audience can help you build a larger following. You can start by sharing personal stories, the problems you and/or your company are facing, and some financial numbers.

For instance, people like Rand Fishkin (Founder of Moz) and Pat Flynn (Founder of Smart Passive Income) constantly share their annual and monthly revenue. They are great examples of transparency in action.

income report


Tips on How to Increase Productivity


Don’t engage with every tweet from the people you follow

The truth of the matter is you can’t keep up with every one of your followers (especially when you have a large following), and you don’t need to. Instead, focus on engaging with those tweets that are more relevant to your business and you can benefit from in some way.


Use BuzzSumo to find great content to share

BuzzSumo allows you to find the most popular content regarding a specific topic. All you need to do is enter a broad keyword into the tool(for example, basketball) and BuzzSumo will show you the most shared articles on that topic.


Lots of shares = Great content, so this is an awesome way to find content your audience will love. You can also filter results based on language, country, and type of content (i.e. video, article, infographic), which means you can find exactly what you’re looking for.


Use Twitter’s Advanced Search to find exactly what you need

Recent studies found that, on average, more than 500 million tweets are sent every day, but want to know the best part? You can get access to EVERY SINGLE ONE of them (and the accounts attached to those tweets).

How? By using Twitter’s Advanced Search.

This tool allows you to find tweets based on keywords, phrases, usernames, and even hashtags so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

For instance, you could use this tool to find tweets that are mentioning your competitors, so you can see what people are saying about them. This way, you can develop a strategy to pinpoint and outsmart them.

Advanced search

Also, you could search for tweets that are mentioning a specific hashtag to learn what people think about that particular topic. This way, you could brainstorm better topic ideas for your blog posts.

Whatever your goals are, make sure to use Twitter’s Advanced Search. By doing this, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions.


Automate during your off hours

If you want to get the highest reach as possible, you need to be tweeting 24/7, so make sure you automate Twitter during your off hours. This way, you’ll be present even when you’re sleeping.


Take advantage of tools 

Technology enables us to be 84% more productive, so don’t be afraid to use it to automate some of your most tedious tasks. By leveraging tools like FollowerWonk, Hootsuite, and Feedly, you’ll be able to curate and share content more efficiently.


Use IFTTT to get the most out of Twitter

IFTTT (If This Then That) allows you to connect your favorite apps together so you can get the most out of them. For instance, you can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so when you like something on Facebook, you automatically share it as a Twitter tweet.  

You can also connect Google Drive and Twitter, so you can automatically save all your new followers in a spreadsheet. This way, you could have a better control of who follows you.

Twitter IFTTT

There are hundreds of different ways you can use IFTTT to be more productive with social media, and if you’re creative, you can save a ton of time and money.


Tips on How to Get More Traffic

Tag relevant profiles in images

Did you know that you can tag up to 10 people in a tweet image? Well, it’s a great way to let people know that you’ve mentioned them in a blog post.

Image tags

For example, let’s say that you create a blog post called “The Top 10 SEO Blog Posts Ever Created” and you link to 10 relevant posts. Instead of emailing the authors separately, you could create a customized image for your blog post and tag all the people you mentioned in it.


Use promoted tweets to amplify your messages

There’s a simple reason why many companies use promoted tweets: they extend the lifetime of your tweets in a very effective way, and, therefore, you’re able to get higher results. If you find that a tweet is performing very well, you can put a budget behind it so you can reach even more people.

For example, Airbnb used promoted tweets to extend the lifetime of their new rental service campaign, which resulted in 4% of engagement rate.


Yeah, 4 is a small number, but considering that your tweet is put in front of thousands of people, that’s a good engagement rate.


Embed tweets in your blog posts

A quick and easy way to increase the engagement of your tweets is to embed them in your blog content. This will not only encourage more people to like and/or retweet your tweets, but will add more value and credibility to your articles.


Use shareable content

If sharing your content is too hard, people simply won’t share it. A slow website, hard-to-find social sharing buttons, and asking people to make more than 3 clicks to share your content are common factors to decrease social shares.

Use tools like Click to Tweet and Twilight to make your content more shareable. These tools allow people to share your content with the ease of a click.

click to tweet


Look at the trends

Trendy topics are great to engage users. That’s why you need to seek consistently for relevant updates and news within your industry. For example, every time Google releases a new update, HubSpot creates an informative blog post around that update. This helps HubSpot get a ton of attention.


Make sure you subscribe to the major magazines and websites in your industry so you can be informed of the hottest news and topics. This way, you’ll be able to act fast and get the most out of that news. You can also use tools like Google Trends or What The Trend to see how popular is a particular topic.


Tweet links to your blog more often

Twitter is a great platform to engage with your customers, but it’s also an excellent way to drive traffic to your blog, so make sure you constantly tweet links to your own content. As long as you provide value it won’t be perceived as spam.


Connect your LinkedIn account with your Twitter account

When you sync your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, not only are you able to track your connections from LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter, but also you can share content across both social networks at the same time.


Share content more than once

Twitter is full of noise – most of your tweets won’t be seen by many people. That’s why it’s crucial that you share the same content more than once. This way, you’ll be able to get more reach. Many companies consider this as a good practice and have never received any complaint from their users.


Tweet at your optimal time

You’ll never reach all of your followers at the same time, no matter what you do. However, you can reach the highest percentage of them by tweeting when most of your audience is online. Tools like FollowerWonk and HootSuite can help you find your optimal time to tweet.


Strategically look at which hashtags to use

Hashtags help Twitter organize all the content. For example, when you include #ContentMarketing in a tweet, Twitter knows your tweet talks about “Content Marketing”. When someone is searching for a specific term, Twitter displays all the tweets containing that particular hashtag.

This is very useful to gain visibility and attract the right people.

hashtags 2

For instance, if you want to attract people who are interested in basketball, you should include related hashtags (for example, #NBA or #BasketBall), so when they search for those terms in Twitter they can find your content.

You can use tools like and to find what hashtags are more popular in your industry. Try to create a list of 10 relevant hashtags and include them in your tweets.




Don’t sell

Twitter is a great marketing channel. You can use it to build relationships with your customers (and prospective customers), drive traffic to your blog, and even generate sales leads. However, Twitter is not for selling (unless you’re buying ads). Instead, focus on providing value to users; share valuable content and engage with your audience. Let your marketing funnel do the selling.


Don’t be a spammer

This is a rule of thumb for marketing in general, but especially for social media. If you constantly spam people with your offers, they’ll hate you. Period.

Instead, be helpful and provide value to the community.


Read the Twitter blog

Twitter itself constantly shares awesome tips and tricks about how to use their platform to get the most out of your marketing efforts. It should be one of your go-to resources for actionable social media advice.

Twitter blog

Use keywords in your tweets

This year (2015) Google announced that now Tweets also appear in search results, which means you can increase your reach by adding relevant keywords to your tweets.


Match emails with customer usernames

SocialBro – a Twitter management tool – allows you to upload a list of emails and match them to their respective Twitter accounts. Then, you can analyze the kind of keywords they use in their tweets, their demographics, interests, and much more.

Social Bro

By uploading the list of your customers’ emails, you’re able to track what they’re saying about your brand and products. This way, you can quickly identify complaints and/or suggestions, and, therefore, grow much faster.


Make sure it’s not all about you

Marketing is not all about you nor your products, it’s all about your audience. A rule of thumb is to share 80% valuable content and 20% advertising. By taking this approach, you’ll be able to build a more loyal following.


Get a Twitter tutorial from someone younger

Yes, you can be a great Twitter marketer and “understand” the theory of social media, but when it comes to the practical application, you can’t keep up. The “unofficial rules” of the game are much more important, so don’t be afraid to ask someone younger for a quick tutorial. Trust me, you’ll shortcut a huge learning curve.


Create and share curated lists

Twitter lists have only one purpose: To help you organize and group people together based on different characteristics (i.e, interests, location, function, and so on). For instance, if you run an eCommerce website you could create a list that includes all of your customers so you can track what they’re saying and how they interact with your brand and your competitors.

Twitter lists

On the other hand, if you’re a blogger, you could create a list of influencers so you can keep up with the hottest topics and ideas for your blog posts. The best part about creating Twitter lists is that you can share them with other people, which is a clever way to attract new followers.

All you need to do is to copy your list’s URL and attach it into a tweet or a PM to anyone you want to share it with. Also, you can manually add people, just make sure you let them know that you’ve added them to your list.


Use Twitter Analytics

The data you collect from users might be the key to success. Think about it: Data can tell you whether your tweets are performing well, what’s your optimal time to tweet, and even what kind of people are following you. This information can help you make more informed decisions and develop more effective marketing strategies. 

Twitter analytics

Embrace Twitter Analytics and start taking advantage of it. This way, you’ll get the most out of Twitter.


Retweet with a comment

This year (2015) Twitter released a brand new feature that allows you to add a comment on the content you’re retweeting. In my personal opinion, this is a great opportunity to add value to the conversation. Now people are able to understand WHY you are retweeting in the first place.

Retweet with a comment

You don’t need to add a comment to every tweet you retweet, though. Just consider what’s better for every situation, and, when possible, add some value by adding your own thoughts.


A/B test your tweets

It’s highly recommendable that you consistently test at least two different variations of your tweets. This way, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. And every time, you will tweet more efficiently.


Import email leads into a twitter list

As I covered earlier, Twitter lists are very helpful to group people based on different criteria like demographics and interests. And a good way to start taking advantage of them is to import your email leads into a twitter list. This way, you can track what they’re talking about and come up with some ideas to convert them into customers.


Reframe content to suit your audience

Earlier in this guide, I told you that you should share your content more than once, remember? Now, every time you re-share a tweet make sure to reframe it so you aren’t just repeating yourself. This way, you can literally double the engagement you receive from every piece of content you share.


Don’t send auto-DMs

If you’re just starting with Twitter, you probably think that auto-direct messages are great (don’t worry, I thought that, too), but the truth of the matter is they don’t work anymore. People are smarter than a few years ago, and they can quickly smell spam hundreds of miles away.

Even if you’re just saying hello, most people will know it’s an automated message so its effectivity is literally zero.


Here’s What to Do Next!

If you found this guide helpful, I want you to do one simple thing:

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Whatever your goals are, the tips you’ve learned today really work.

And I would really love to see you succeed.

So, what are you waiting for?

Leave a comment below right now and let me know you’re ready to apply these tips.

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Josue Valles is a content marketing evangelist, strategist and die-hard entrepreneur. He constantly blogs about Inbound Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing at Engagebit. You can also follow him onTwitter.

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