2 Twitter Marketing Tools That Will Skyrocket Your Business (A Completely Automated System You Can Setup In Under 60 Minutes)

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  • October 28, 2015

Yes this is a set it and virtually forget it 100% automated way of driving consistent traffic to your website.

When paired together, these 2 Twitter marketing tools will make your business go BOOM! Twitter marketing Tools

Together these 2 tools will increase your Twitter followers, engagement, leads and ultimately your business.

The beauty about using these 2 marketing tools together is that you can have them both set and running in under 60 minutes.

Once you set these 2 tools up, you’ve got a perfect Twitter marketing machine that is super effective.

Yes, one of the Twitter tools is Social Quant (obviously).

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of the best marketers in the industry are saying about Social Quant:

Since we started using Social Quant on our Twitter profile, our follower count has skyrocketed 40% in 40 days!! And most importantly, engagement on our tweets has risen by the same amount — which means Social Quant is finding exactly the right followers for our brand.” Andrew Warner of Mixergy

Social Quant is a valuable tool to have if you’re an entrepreneur using Twitter for your marketing. The quality of new followers will not only increase your engagement but the data that Social Quant shares with you on your Twitter followers can help you make better marketing decisions for your small business.” John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing

Recently top 10 Twitter maverick and award winning tech blogger Ian Cleary put this amazing review together

Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer Kim Garst shared with a large crowd at her Social Boom conference that Social Quant is KICKING IT.

The reviews go on and on and to date Social Quant has connected over 2.5 million people on Twitter.

Here’s the thing though…..

Having a large Twitter following of relevant followers will do you and your business absolutely no good if you aren’t seen on Twitter in their news feed.

That means that you need to Tweet to be seen and since the average lifespan of a Tweet is under 18 minutes according to a study done by MOZ a while back, you have to Tweet often.

That is what brings us to the second of the Twitter marketing tools you should add to your arsenal for the perfect one-two marketing knockout punch.

Drumroll please…….

The second must have Twitter marketing tool is Post Planner.

Post Planner combined with Social Quant is absolutely magical.

While Social Quant is building you a large targeted following of Twitter users, Post Planner helps you find and post amazing content that will help you increase engagement with your new Twitter followers.

Now the great thing is you can get started with Post Planner for under $10 and you can use it for not only posting with Twitter, but you can also use it for Facebook, Pinterest and so much more.

Let’s go through exactly how you can use this completely automated and be set up in under 60 minutes.

Post Planner has the ability for you to setup a queue schedule where you can set rules on what days & times you want a post to go out.

/Users/MKawula/Desktop/best twitter strategies.png

As you can see from the image above the queue is set to post at 7:15 AM, 8:00 AM, 8:30 AM, 9:00 AM, 9:45 AM and so on every day of the week Monday through Sunday.

Next you simply head over and schedule the content you want to share.

Not sure what content to post?

Don’t worry Post Planner has that covered for you. They show you based on data what the most viral posts are, and you can use those to share.

Remember though if you’re looking to use Twitter to have a greater marketing impact for your business, you’ll want to be including posts that have links coming back to your website.

This is where it helps if you have blog content that is useful to your type of follower.

Social Quant has well over 100 blog posts to help entrepreneurs have a better experience on Twitter. Our queue is filled with these posts as they add value to our followers.

Think about what you can add to your queue that will add value to your follower and bring them back to your website? If you’re not sure what to share, read this post by Ahna Hendrix where she shares what 3 of the best brands are doing on Twitter and how you can replicate them.

Here’s where Post Planner gets real sweet though….

When you fill your queue with content to share, Post Planner has an amazing feature where you can requeue your content.

What exactly does requeue mean?

With the Post Planner requeue option you can have your content set to continue sharing forever until you stop it.

Simply add evergreen content to your schedule and click a button that says requeue.

What this does is Post Planner will share all the content in your queue at the scheduled times you requested and when it gets to the last post you scheduled, it goes back to share everything again that is set to requeue from the top.

Think about how beautiful this is…..

You simply add useful, relevant content to your schedule that is evergreen and set it to continue forever.

Not sure what evergreen content is?

It’s simply content that is timeless. Meaning it is relevant both today, tomorrow and next year.

Great evergreen content is something that can solve your followers type of problems or questions and is just as useful in a year, as it is today.

Obviously Tweeting out a post on the score of the previous nights ball game isn’t evergreen and you wouldn’t want to set that to requeue; however sending out a post about 5 great recipes for a busy entrepreneur can be requeued and will be just as relevant in a year as it is today.

Do you see how powerful this can be?

We all get busy as entrepreneurs and time is precious.

By taking 60 minutes and creating 50 Tweets (or more) that you set to requeue, you now have consistent content being shared with all your current and new Twitter followers the Social Quant team is building for you.

This one marketing strategy alone accounts for over 20,000+ visitors a month to Social Quant’s website and continues to grow each month as our following grows and it can do the same for you.


Social Quant and Post Planner are two Twitter marketing tools all savvy entrepreneurs should set up together to have the best marketing impact from Twitter.

Twitter is fast and by Tweeting only a few times a day, you’re missing out on the opportunity to stay in front of others on Twitter and send traffic to your business.

Remember you can automate building a Twitter following and you can automate the distribution of great content. Doing this will free up time for you to engage with your followers and build the business you deserve.

What are your questions or thoughts? Leave a comment down below and let’s start a discussion.


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  • Kirk Fletcher says:

    Personally i think that SocialQuant combined with TweetRocket is a much more powerful combo! Try it, you’ll see what i mean 😉

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“Since we started using Social Quant on our Twitter profile, our follower count has skyrocketed 40% in 40 days!! And most importantly, engagement on our tweets has risen by the same amount — which means Social Quant is finding exactly the right followers for our brand.”
— Andrew Warner, Mixergy