5 Creative Uses for Twitter Polls (You’ve Gotta Try These!!)

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  • November 12, 2015

In case the new feature Twitter polls snuck by you, you now have the opportunity to create a poll on Twitter. twitter polls

Pretty cool, right?

The great thing about Twitter polls is that they make it easier than ever for your audience to respond to your questions.

This simple engagement tool will help you know EXACTLY how your audience feels on a topic.

How do you create a poll?

The poll button now appears as an option when you go to compose a new tweet using via the desktop and on some mobile devices.

They are still in the process of rolling it out on Twitter for its mobile app, so you may or may not have this feature, currently. I have it currently on my iPhone, though have heard some people say they don’t yet have this awesome option just yet.

Twitter Voting

The poll is currently limited to just two choices (now updated to 4 as of December 2015) and it remains active for 24 hours.

Poll creators will be able to create polls right from the compose box…AND see the results all in one place.

In the past, Twitter users had to tweet questions and track replies by tallying retweets, favorites or hashtag votes. What a pain!

Voters can also vote on any poll and know that their vote is not available publicly, as it was before.

twitter polls free

You can see how quickly my audience began to respond to my simple question – eight votes in just the first few minutes. It’s definitely a great way to get engagement from your audience.

But how can you use it for your business?

Check out these five creative ways for using Twitter polls.

1. Let your audience vote on content.

It’s really never easy when we’re launching a new program or planning a webinar to GUESS what our audience wants. Unfortunately, all too often those programs fail big time because what we THINK our audience wants wasn’t what they wanted AT ALL.

While we’ve always been able to go to social media and our email lists to get feedback, it’s sometimes difficult to get responses from people. On Facebook, our fans may fail to see the post altogether (thank you, Facebook, for making it so difficult to engage with our own audiences) and our email subscribers may or may not bother to reply.

On Twitter, though, with only two options available, users can quickly choose one option or the other without having to take the time to even type out a response.

You can ask your audience to choose between topics, program titles, or anything else…all of which will help your upcoming launches be more successful!

2. Request product feedback.

It can be REALLY DIFFICULT to get your customers to give you feedback on your products. Constructive feedback, that is.

Unhappy customers are more than willing to tell you ALL ABOUT why they are unhappy. *wink*

Obviously you’ll have to work within the fact that there are only two possible choices for voters to choose from, but it still can help you get valuable information if you’re thinking about making changes to your products.

For example, you could ask your audience to chime in on which of your product features they use the most, which colors they prefer, or other topics that will help you improve your products and make more sales.

The more information you have from your clients and customers the better you will be able to serve them. Period.

3. Market research.

Have you ever taken the time to create an avatar for your ideal client or clients?

A poll could be a great way to test out your hypotheses.

For example, if you think a lot of your audience follows a particular person on Facebook and/or Twitter, you could poll your audience with a simple yes/no question. This can help you improve your marketing and, in particular, your advertising.

Another idea would be to use a poll to find out where your audience is hanging out the most. For example, “Do you hang out more on Facebook or Twitter?”

Again, this would be a great way to find out where your audience is spending more time (and where you should spend advertising dollars).

4. Ask for predictions.

The year is rapidly coming to a close, which means that many people will soon be talking about their predictions for the coming year.

Why not ask your audience to weigh in with their own predictions, such as “What do you think will be more popular in 2016: Periscope or Blab?”

You could also use it to create Twitter engagement around current events, such as “Who do you predict will win the Super Bowl?”

5. Just for fun!

Not all of your posts have to have business in mind… they can just be great for increasing engagement for your business on Twitter. Have fun with your audience and use polls as a chance to get to know them a little better OUTSIDE of the business arena.

For example, I’m starting to come to the conclusion that my audience works REALLY HARD and enjoys taking it easy on Friday nights.

twitter surveys

Hmm… wonder if they’re Netflix or Cable people? *wink*

Have you started to use Twitter polls? Leave a comment below.


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