What are Twitter Tailored Audiences and Why They Matter to You!!

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  • November 4, 2015

Have you ever wished that you could target website traffic on Twitter the same way you can with Facebook custom twitter tailored audiencesaudiences?

Believe it or not, you can!

Twitter tailored audiences allow you to define groups of existing and prospective customers based on the users’ web browsing behavior, email addresses, Twitter ID and other CRM data.

Why does it matter?

While Twitter is the perfect platform for driving traffic to content or to a lead magnet for growing your email list, it’s not ALWAYS ideal for paid offers, especially high dollar offers.

Even if someone is following you on Twitter they may never have visited your website or read your content.

Your followers could still be considered, in many ways, “cold traffic.” (And let’s be honest, cold traffic will rarely invest in a paid offer, especially a high dollar offer.)

You don’t want to waste ad dollars promoting a paid offer to Twitter users who may be relatively unfamiliar with you.

Tailored offers, on the other hand, allow you to get your messaging in front of people who are already on your email list or people who have visited your website. These users are considered “warm traffic” and they are far more likely to purchase, especially if the offer is good.

These are the people you want to send to landing pages to opt-in to your list or invest in a new offer!

Twitter Tailored Audiences from Lists                                  

One type of Twitter tailored audience that you might find valuable for remarketing is a tailored audience from an email list. This audience type allows you to target specific Twitter users by uploading email addresses, phone numbers, Twitter IDs (usernames), or mobile advertising IDs.

If you’re running a specific promotion to your email list, this could be a great way to get your message in front of them repeatedly and increase the likelihood of conversions. It’s also a great way to promote your content to your list in order to re-engage with them and stay top of mind.

Again, the great thing about this approach to Twitter advertising is that you aren’t dealing with a cold audience who isn’t familiar with you. This means you can promote higher dollar offers on Twitter and actually get conversions.

Tailored Audiences from the Web

If you’re sending cold audiences to a blog post you can pixel them, just as you do with Facebook. This basically means that you are putting code on your website that allows you to track the Twitter users who visit your site.

This type of audience makes it possible to remarket to people who have visited your website, “warm traffic.”

Once you know they have visited your site and have read a piece of content, it’s a great time to target them with a lead magnet and move them onto your list.

Because they have visited your site and expressed interest in your content you know that there is a much higher likelihood that they will opt in to your email list.

Tailored Audiences for Mobile Apps

Chances are that you’ll be far more likely to use the first two audiences rather than this last one, but since it’s available it’s definitely worth mentioning. This audience allows you to target groups of people who have taken a specific action on your app, such as downloading it or creating an account.

How does it work?

To create a tailored audience from a list, log into your Twitter account and go to the Twitter ads section. Click on the Tools drop down and select Audience manager.

Twitter Ads

Give your audience a name and select the type of data file you’ll be uploading.

Twitter Tailored Audiences api

Keep in mind that it can take several hours for your list to upload. You’ll receive an email when the audience is ready.

To set up a tailored audience from the web, click on Conversion tracking in the Tools drop down menu.

Twitter Tailored Audience Minimum size

It will default to this page where you can set up your first website tag for remarketing.

twitter ads best practices

Keep in mind that by default, your tag will collect website visitor data for remarketing purposes. You can later create tailored audience campaigns based on these website visitors.

Whether or not you are ready to create campaigns using the website tag, it’s a good idea to set it up and get it on your website so it can start gathering information.

Based on the amount of traffic that visits your site it could take some time to accumulate a large audience so you definitely want the code in place ASAP.

Once it’s in place you can start creating individual Twitter tailored audiences based on their behavior, such as whether they have visited or not visited a page on your site.

As an example, we here at Social Quant can build an audience of individuals who read this blog post, but didn’t signup for our 14-Day Free Trial.

So do you see the power of Twitter tailored audiences?

Leave a comment below and let us know how you’ll use this for your business.


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